Day 5 (March 14) 18 mikes. Easy Peasy?

Our schedule stated that our walk today was to 19 km a bit less than 12 miles. The sky was overcast, 25 mph winds, mid-50s. We’ll arrive at our hotel by 3 or 4 PM in time for a happy hour beer. After a 20 under harsh conditions on Day 2? Easy peasy (we said that at mile 5).

We chose the seaside route that took us by two 16th Century forts and small towers that appeared every miles or so. The towers had no signs to tell us their purpose or age. They did add perspective to the distance we had traveled and distance ahead.

Sentinel on the Atlantic
Looking Back

The walk was very flat with wide paved paths until we came to a wild section where we broke out our walking sticks. The sticks helped our balance as we negotiated a narrow path down a steep hill. They also helped as we plowed through sand on the beach below. I waited to take this photo for safety reasons.

Nordic Skiing On Dry Land

We were about 11 miles into the walk. 2:30 PM and time for a lunch break. Out of the mist, we came upon a restaurant on the beach. Most of the dishes were seafood and in the 25 euro plus category. We could have opted for salads that were in the 10 euro range. Laird spotted hamburger on the kid’s menu (the only item). We were kids for an hour. The Portuguese love their fries! The salad was delicious – fresh lettuce and tomatoes. We had eaten a deconstructed BK Junior Wopper with bread on the side to have with tuna salad, olives, and local cheese that was brought beforehand. Two beers, full bellies, and 25 euros later, we were on our way with Laird’s Waze noting we had 6.8 miles to go. It was 3:10 PM and sunset is at 6:40 PM or so. We had some serious walking to do.

Deconstructed Jr Wopper

We made it by 6:30 PM. For an hour and a half, we could see the mountain that fronts, A Guarda, the coastal landmark of the Portuguese/Spanish border. Mount Santa Tecla is in the far background of the photo with the sheep. A wonderful walking path that had several walkers and dogs on it even with winds reaching 40 mph. A mile before reaching the hotel, more puppy love.

A Guarda
Scratching Ears

Tonight was our last in Portugal. We decided to pay tribute to two traditional Portuguese dishes, bacalhau (dried cod fish) and polvo (octopus).

Easy peasy – 18 miles by sunset.

Bacalhau With Mashed Potatoes

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