Day 13 (21 March) 15 Miles. Sensing The End

After 12 days on the road, one might be jaded. But the Camino experience is to take in the present – look about the world and chill. I have included some views from today including a loaf of bread left on top of a gate. At one point, we were following a small truck whose driver stopped to deliver bread in the area. Another Amazon subscription service.

Galician Church
Amazon Subscription Service
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
On The Road

We had almost completed 20,000 steps, our criterion for stopping for lunch. We also needed a stamp on our passports to show our progress. A convenience store appeared at the bend in the road. We ordered our chorizo sandwiches and beer. To the side of the serving counter was a stand with what seemed to be a shrine or was it a not so subtle advertisement satisfying heavenly and earthly needs?

Meeting Heaven and Earth

We were on the downhill of the walk entering Padron. Neither the Camino nor the 88 Temple walk is devoid of power plants, refineries, and the like. The town square about a mile later brought us back to a more traditional setting. This is life as we currently live it.

Local Carbon Producer
Padron Town Square

We walked the last five miles in steady rain. We pined for showers and beds to rest weary bones. A wonderful dish of grilled salmon with a fine bottle of Albarino contributed to our well being. Tomorrow, Santiago!

Grilled Salmon

2 thoughts on “Day 13 (21 March) 15 Miles. Sensing The End

  1. Wow! A reflective day. Sorry you had rain, but otherwise you’ve been sunny throughout most of the walk. It must be bittersweet- approaching the end of your Camino, and re entering the world! Have a wonderful walk tomorrow and enjoy each minute!


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