Day 1 (13 October) The Challenge — 18 Miles

This tour moves one piece of luggage to the next accommodation. We weren’t the only ones walking the VF. Like Laird during our Camino, Rich asked me if our luggage will be at our next destination. The answer is, I don’t know. But as these things go, they were in our rooms when we arrived.

Awaiting Baggage @ Hotel San Miniato

We had a long journey ahead – 18 miles with plenty of elevation changes. Our final climb was 1400 feet within 1.5 miles – that’s equivalent to six Mountaintops in a row. That is why Day 1 is entitled — gThe Challenge

The VF is well marked with various kinds of signs including the old cement ones that are spotted here and there. Rich was particularly comforted by the sign that directed one to call 112 in cases of emergency. First aid stands were placed at points along the route. Here are some examples of the VF signs and the first aid station.

In San Miniato
Sign Leaving Town
Emergency Number and Procedures
First Aid Station
Old Fashion VF Sign

We loved seeing the bands of hills in front of us. Indeed, what one imagines the hills under the Tuscan sun to be. However, we had to climb those hills! As we came down a hill, we knew that eventually we would have to go up.

Rich On A Hill

We started our walk around 8:45. It was around 4:00 when we were on our final climb. We had to make our destination before sunset. We were dreaming of the bed, hot shower, and dinner that awaited us at Tenuta Sant’Ilsidro — what turned out to be Paradiso beyond our expectations. Below is a photo of my bedroom. Dinner was magnificent – Tuscan meat plate split between us, tartufo ravioli for Rich, Tuscan styled osso buco for me, and fresh tomato salads that were paired with the Tenuta’s own red wine. At the end of the meal, I had cantucci with Vin Santo in the same way that Stanley Tucci presented it on CNN. The night ended with a walk passed the pool.

Bedroom Room #1
Tuscan Meats
Ravioli Tartufo
Osso Bucco Tuscan Style
Tomatoes With Basil Dressing
Tenuta’s Red Vino
Cantucci With Vin Santo
The Pool

The challenge was met. We were rewarded with accommodations any pilgrim would more than appreciate.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 (13 October) The Challenge — 18 Miles

  1. You are too f***#g much, my friend! You make appear that the rewards at the end of a day are well worth the climbing and heavy breathing ! Congratulations to both of you after just a couple of days! Joe B, Esquire


  2. It does look as if you climbed right to Paradise!!! The food looks delicious and well worth the long walk!!! This will be a great Camino I can tell. Keep on walking up those hills! Good luck tomorrow. I await your blog.


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