Day 3 (15 October) Into the Woods – 15 miles

Daily life is: Rising, packing, eating, walking, talking, unpacking, doing laundry, eating, drinking, calling home, and sleeping. —— Rich Gorton

We started at 9 AM and the bus tours were already coming to SG. We said goodbye from the outskirts of town before we started our trek into the woods.

SG from the South
Into the Woods

After a steep descent, we forded two creeks, one of which began a long ascent out of a valley. Below is Rich crossing one of the creeks.

Crossing the Creek

After several miles in the woods, we were on a plain with trees to our sides. We passed serious amateur mountain bikers who appeared to be racing. We stood by the side of the path like Tour de France spectators. We encountered them many times careening down rutted paths in the woods as well.

We also filled up our water bottles at a tap. Every segment has had a watering station about every 5 km. We needed such stations because the temperatures by noon are in the high 70’s or low 80’s.

Tour Della Toscana?
Taking Water

Back in the woods, we were walking off trail to take photos of mushrooms. We stopped to admire the beauty of an open field, a farmer tilling a vineyard, and geese swimming down a creek besides our path. In Quartaia, we stopped for lunch and engaged in an animated conversation, hands flying, with Anna (a Polish emigrate of 41 years) and Daniela, a proud Toscana as she put it. We ended our walk with yes, another climb, to our hotel located just off the VF where we will start tomorrow.

Tuscan Field
Quartaia Church
Anna and Daniela
Farmer Tilling
Gliding Downstream

Of course, we had dinner of “real food” — artichoke pie, ravioli Tartufo (Rich), pasta with zucchini (Ron), and pane cotta with limone. We complemented them with a superb Vernaccia. The V we import into the US must be leftovers. Another day completed. More stories tomorrow.

Vernaccia SG

3 thoughts on “Day 3 (15 October) Into the Woods – 15 miles

  1. Dear Roland
    Thanks for keeping is updated with such bucolic mouth-watering pictures and comments.
    Looking so much forward to joining the crew.


  2. Your daily routines are amazingly familiar. What happened to the beer traditions? Keep up the good pace. Sounds like the training walks are paying off. I’m with you vicariously.


  3. Looks as if you are on a most picturesque walk! The food looks to be the best, also!! I hope you continue to have sunny days filled with adventure and wonder. Keep the blog and pictures coming- I look forward to reading it each day.


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