Day 7 (19 October) Waltzing to Buonconvento — 10 Miles

Today, we were fortunate that 95% of our walk was in the fog. Or, was it that our heads were in the fog and we were hallucinating about the coolness? It was a relief to walk in cool weather. Mayes overrated the blessings of the Tuscan sun especially when you walk under it for hours. I wondered whether he ever walked the VF in the afternoon?

We completed breakfast at our usual time around 8:30. As requested, Paolo had saved the leftover Florentine beef from last night’s dinner. I haven’t had steak for breakfast in years. The meat just melted in my mouth. No beef gets left behind.

Borgo Antico Breakfast Room
Beef in the Morning

The shorter distance of today’s walk and the foggy atmosphere led us to waltz along. We did not need to hurry. We just took the morning as it came. We passed fields of varying colors and textures. We met sheep and a donkey on our VF path. We saw the train that would take us to Siena for the transfer to Orvieto.

Fields of Colors
Talking With Sheep
Donkey on the Road
Local Railroad


By 1:30, we were in Buonconvento, a small town with a well preserved Main Street (darn autocorrect) through its centro historico. Given the time, we stopped for lunch at the Cafe Roma and returned there for dinner with a couple from from Santa Barbara, CA who had recently retired, Sheldon and Kathy. They were touring Italy for two months.

Buonconvento Main Gate
At the Cafe Roma
Fellow Diners
Bacon and Beans On Toast
Nettles and Ricotta Ravioli
Pasta With Scampi Essence
Fried Porcini
Birra Alla Spinna Media
The Usual Afternoon Treat

Now for dinner. Imagine that three of us ordered the anchovies. What were the odds? Who ordered the bruschetta? We were all good and the sea bass was the wonderful change from our Tuscan meat diet.

Sea Bass Al Forno
Kathy, Sheldon, Rich, and Ron
Friuli Wine

My walk with Rich has ended. We will spend a few days in Orvieto before he leaves on Saturday for Rome and home.

Another chapter awaits for my walk to Rome when Monique Karrer from Switzerland will join me. I met Monique during my 88 Temple walk in March 2019. She was taking Japanese language classes for four years before her walk. She is very seasoned. To my knowledge, she completed the VF sections in Switzerland and most recently the Robert Lois Stevenson circuit in France. I am sure that she has completed many more multi-day walks. Blogs will continue about Orvieto and the next segments of the VF until 2 November when we reach Rome. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

One thought on “Day 7 (19 October) Waltzing to Buonconvento — 10 Miles

  1. The pictures look to have more greenery in them now, versus more brown in Tuscany. Interesting! The cities you are staying in are magnificent, and this is a beautiful walk! Good luck to Rich on his way home. I’m glad your adventure continues- I love reading your blogs with my morning coffee. A wonderful start to my day! They are also an inspiration to get out there and walk more, and “ smell the roses”.


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