Day 10 (22 October) Wait of 40 Years Fulfilled

Rich was off to the Rome Airport this morning. By 8 PM, he had sent me images of a fisherman on an inlet of the Med by his hotel as well as his dinner. Bon Viaggio, mio amico. We’ll have to do another walk someday.

Taking the Inter-City To Rome

I went in the opposite direction to Arezzo about an hour twenty minutes ride up the line. Why there? Forty years ago I took an art course that presented three great fresco artists who were key figures in the transition of Italian art from Byzantine style iconography to the Renaissance style. I had experienced two of the three: Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel in Padova in 2000 and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in 1980. Now, Piero Della Francesca’s Legend of the True Cross at the Basilica di Francesco in Arezzo. I lucked out in getting one of the limited timed tickets for 2:30. The photos do not do justice to the scale of the frescos as they don’t with Giotto and Michelangelo. Here are a few and the cross and alter behind which are the frescos.

Basilica Di Francesco Alter
The Annunciation
Left Lowest Panel
Detail of Panel

I walked to other areas of Arezzo — the Piazza Grande, the Duomo, and San Domenico (Chiambue’s Crucifix – 1268). Arezzo’s Centro Storico is very compact but like most Tuscan towns, hilly. You can see the tilt in the photo of Piazza Grande.

Piazza Grande
Arezzo Duomo
Chiambue’s Crucifix — San Domenico

I returned to Orvieto by 7:30 in time for dinner. I chose the Antica Cantina at Via Cavour, 212 for its simple menu and location on a very small piazza. The chalkboard menu showed carciofi and pasta fagioli. Sharon and I once tasted four different versions of carciofi on our last visit to Rome. I ended with a plate of five local goat cheeses tasting them starting clockwise from the one below the cup holding a homemade jelly. That was not quite the ending though. A glass of grappa put a glow on me. I include photos of the hostess and the three cuocas. A serendipitous find but one that I would highly recommend if you come to Orvieto.

View From My Table
Menu Board
Pasta Fagioli
Goat Cheese Plate
My Gentle Hostess Cecilia
Three Cuocas: Ludmila, Shega, and Giacomo

4 thoughts on “Day 10 (22 October) Wait of 40 Years Fulfilled

  1. The photo of Arezzo Duomo is stunning, like a renaissance painting itself with the contrast of light, shadows and the flooding sky. Wishing you a good journey as you start the next leg of the walk.


  2. I especially love your food photos! If only we could find the same quality of ingredients back home. Beautiful photos of the churches and the art…


  3. Amazing frescoes! Such detail and so large and grand! Thanks for sharing this! I love the towns and the restaurants you are visiting. Can’t wait for the next leg of your walk! Happy steps to you!


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