Day 14 (19 May) The Last Day — 13 Miles

Teresa was doing everything this morning. She prepared breakfast, checked people out, and drove them back to A Rua. When I returned to A Rua at 8:30, only one person was in front of me. We had 13 miles to go.

One Walker Ahead

That soon changed after we passed a mural honoring the Camino. Even a dog watched us as we passed. Eventually, we reached the final hill from which pilgrims could see the cathedral in the distance. Everyone stopped for a look and a photo opp.

Camino Mural
People Watching
Santiago Cathedral In The Distance
Pilgrims On The Hill

The downhill was brutal. At the bottom, I crossed the highway into the city. I was walking with purpose because I wanted to reach the compestella office before the masses behind me did. I still had to wait 30 minutes in line. I included an image of pilgrims receiving their compestella. But I did beat the waves that started as I left the office. There were so many more people than when Laird and I went to the office in March 2022. Pilgrims can now register for the compestella using an app and the resulting QR code becomes their queue number. I did the old fashioned way at the computer inside the entry way. Another evolution of the Camino.

Getting The Compestella
Pilgrims Awaiting

As I walked away from the office, I heard my name. Cristina and Jamie were finishing up their lunches. I met them on my first day and several times since. We’ll meet for dinner tonight. I also toasted Delia, my hill training partner at Casa Paredes. That’s her surname as well.

Roland, Cristina, and Jamie
Salud At Casa Paredes

As nighttime fell, I made my way to Meson 42 at 42 Av. Franco for France and not the General. Four of us Primitivo pilgrims had our last supper of goat cheese salad, scallops, pulpo, Padron peppers, and grilled meats. We shared stories about the personalities on the Primitivo and had many good laughs. That part of the Camino was the most meaningful to us all. Here’s to Stefan from Germany, Cris and Jamie (who is a SWAT policeman, who knew) from the Canary Islands, and Mr Green Cap from the US. Buon Camino.

Padron Peppers
The Last Supper In Santiago

5 thoughts on “Day 14 (19 May) The Last Day — 13 Miles

  1. So sorry this is the last day! What a lovely journey you had- and interesting friends you met! I wish you a safe journey home, and I hope you do another walk soon! All my best- Jayne


  2. Dear Roland, congratulations! Once again, your blog proofs that going on pilgrim-long distance-walks rewards you with an incredible variety of experiences. Thank you so much for sharing them! Hopefully we‘ll be able to walk together on such a path, again.
    Have a smooth and safe trip home.
    Long hug


  3. Well done Ron. I remember that final push toward the Cathedral. Seeing it in the distance and then the gathering crowds like coming together in a funnel. I look forward to learning the details of your Camino adventure.


  4. Congratulations Ron. Nothing beats sitting with a beer at the end of a long day of walking and especially the final day and surrounded by walking companions you have met along the way. You have kept all of us delighted by your descriptions of food and surrounding environment. I am awed by your energy and enthusiasm for the walk even after those early arduous days. Thanks for bringing us along. Hope to see you soon.


  5. Thanks Roland for the nice moments shared in this new adventure…for James and me was a injection of energy meeting you here or there … always keen to share a cerveza o vino with us and the other ” compañeros” of the Primitive Camino despite of being all exhausted after the long and hard walks… it felt like a little family !
    We’ll never forget the jokes, your stories and your permanent smile.
    Muchos besos y abrazos desde Tenerife.


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