Day 34: A New Phase (6 April 2019)

Sadly, Aoyama-san and I had to say good-bye. We had breakfast at Willie Winkie in the Matsuyama train station. Where the Japanese come up with these business names is beyond me. Probably Dunkin Donuts sounds funny to them.

I included some images of the offerings. How about that tonkatsu between two pieces of white bread – one of Ayoyama’s favorites. It was marked as the #1 seller. Indeed, within minutes, the entire tray was gone. The macha bean paste danish seemed to sell well too. Besides the tonkatsu sandwich, I had a plain non-glazed buttermilk donut. My streak of eating Japanese food ended in glory. That donut is my favorite. Now, to start another streak.

As we departed, we said, “Kiyo sukete,” to one another (take care). The moment reminded about the passage in Le Petit Prince when the boy and fox’s time together ended. Although difficult to leave, we had wonderful time together, one that I will always treasure. We will correspond and perhaps one day meet again.

I went on my way walking to Temples 53 and 54. Even in an urban environment, one can find natural beauty. How about these irises that were in pots next to the sidewalk. The Japanese are certainly serious about their gardens improvising when necessary.

I eventually ended up at a hotel called “Sespa Mokoto.” I think that they meant sea spa because it is located right on the beach. I was looking forward to an ofuro in the public bath area. To my surprise, my room had its own. What a luxury to clean up and then soak in hot water in a private room. My room faced the sea. The sunset was spectacular.

I also met up with the young Taiwanese fellow that I walked with on day 1. We had met up at least five times after that. We were together again. We had to toast that we had gotten this far. BTW – his email address is: macguireyang. What’s with this address? He said that he took macguire because he loved the movie — Show me the money. American movies do permeate cultures throughout the world.

That’s it for today. More walking along the coast tomorrow that will help set up the climbs to Temples 60 and 66. They are on top of two of the highest mountains on Shikoku and the 88 pilgrimage. Onward I go.

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